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Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society.

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Banking & Finance

The Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance prepares students to communicate effectively and acquire leadership skills in the banking industry. Based on a Christian perspective, the program provides students with a sound foundation in accounting, banking operations, economics, business ethics, financial mathematics, statistics, Banking Practice, investment banking and taxation. These core subjects are supplemented with an emphasis on ethical practices, intercultural communications, and law and banking regulations.


Course# Course Name Units
GEN101 The Old Testament 3
GEN102 The New Testament 3
GEN103 Introduction to Missions 3
GEN104 Methods of Bible Study 3
GEN105 The Christian Life 3
GEN107 Reading Skills (in a specific language) 3
GEN108 Grammar (in a specific language) 3
GEN109 Writing Academic Papers (in a specific language) 3
GEN207 Development Anthropology 3
GEN209 Intercultural Communication 3
UE1 Operations and Banking techniques 2
UE2 Economics and Business Organization 2
UE3 General ledger and preparation of financial statement 2
UE4 Taxation I 2
UE5 Commercial Law 2
UE6 Human Resources Management 2
UE7 General Mathematics 2
UE8 Applied Mathematics, Research (Statistics) 2
UE9 Introduction to Research 2
UE10 Internship 5
UE11 Introduction to Management 2
UE12 Methodology of Report writing 2
UE13 Finance I 2
UE14 Banking Technique 2
UE15 Monetary Economics and Banking 2
UE16 Bank Marketing 3
UE17 Law and Banking Regulation 2
UE18 System for Mobilizing saving and distribution of micro Credit 2
UE19 Accounting Banking and Preparation of financial statements of credit Institutions. 2
UE20 Labor Law 2
UE21 Ethics and code of  Banking 2
UE22 Financial Mathematics 3
UE23 Statistics and Probabilities 2
UE24 Internship II 5
UE25 Bank Accounting 2
UE26 Banking Practice (Advanced Banking Techniques) 2
UE27 International Affairs 2
UE28 Social Right 2
UE29 Integration: Human Resources Management 2
UE30 Applied Mathematics, Research 3
UE31 Taxation III 2
UE32 Financial Mathematics 3
UE33 Financial Analysis and Evaluation of Credit Risk 2
UE34 Research Methodology 2
UE35 Professionalization (Internship III) 5
UE36 Methodology of report Writing 2
UE37 Thesis and Defence 3
UE38 Small and Medium Enterprises 2