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Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society.

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International Developement

The Bachelor of Arts in International Development degree program is designed to prepare students for a career serving a diverse urban and rural population through economic development, social progress, and community outreach with a social science perspective. To meet this objective, graduates will demonstrate the ability to analyze data, prepare reports, make presentations, and work as part of a team. The degree tackles diverse topics such as social anthropology, human rights, and economic theory but also gives students the option of taking natural resource modules that examine the sustainability and the governance of issues such as soils, water, food production, and fisheries. Specializations available in International Development, Physiotherapy, and Human Resources. Required courses for the various specializations are listed below and must be substituted for a course of the same level.

Course # Course Name Units
DEV107: Basics of Entrepreneurship 3
DEV301/501: Strategic Planning 3
DEV303: Principles and Practices of Christian Microfinance 3
DEV305/505: Promoting Church-Centered Savings and Loan Associations 3
DEV307/507: Sustainable Community Development 3
DEV308/508: Appropriate technology 3
DEV309/509: Rural Development 3
DEV326: Community Health Care 3
GEN101: The Old Testament 3
GEN102: The New Testament 3
GEN103: Introduction to Missions 3
GEN104: Methods of Bible Study 3
GEN105: The Christian Life 3
GEN107: Reading Skills (in a specific language) 3
GEN108: Grammar (in a specific language) 3
GEN109: Writing Academic Papers (in a specific language) 3
GEN207: Development Anthropology 3
GEN209: Intercultural Communication 3
DEV106: History and Goals of Development 3
DEV108: Leadership and Inter-organizational Relations 3
DEV109: Foundations and Principles of Holistic Development 3
DEV210: Introduction to Geology and Earth Science 3
DEV220: Basics of Population 3
DEV302/502: Perspectives on International Development 3
DEV306/506: Partnering with Large-Scale Finance Institutions 3
DEV320/520: Research Methodologies 3
DEV321/521: Introduction to Research Statistics 3
DEV402: Managing Project Cycles for Sustainable Development 3
DEV410: NGO Roles in Development and Policy 3
DEV425: Contemporary Social Ethics in Development 3
DEV480: Understanding Local Leadership 3
DEV203: The Development of Judeo-Christian Civilization 3
DEV206: Culture Learning Methodology 3
DEV225: Public Speaking 3
DEV330: Physiotherapy 3
DEV354: Comparative Worldviews 3
DEV401: Economic Analysis of Development 3
DEV403: The Politics of International Aid in Low-Income Countries 3
DEV404: The Role of Global Programs in International Development 3
DEV405: Crucial Linkages in Conflict & Cooperation 3
DEV406: Capacity Development 3
DEV407: Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Development 3
DEV 408: Culture, Policy and Action 3
DEV483: Development Possibilities in a Local Church 3