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Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society.

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MBA Marketing

The MBA in Marketing degree program is designed to prepare students for a career involving retailing, negotiation/selling, international marketing, and new program development with an understanding of markets and customers and the ability to motivate individuals to buy a product or a service.  To meet this objective, students will demonstrate the ability to understand consumer needs and desires for products and services. Students will use technology to analyze the effectiveness of decision-making strategies associated with business that operate in a constantly changing, global environment. Graduates of this program may pursue careers such as marketing managers, customer service supervisors, product managers, retail managers, marketing researchers, or public relations specialists.

Course Titles
FIRST YEAR- First Semester
MGT504 Managerial Finance
MGT509 Human resources Management
MGT580 Total Quality Management
MGT590 Strategic Management
MGT322/522 Small Business Management – Entrepreneurship
FIRST YEAR-Second Semester
MGT605 Organizational Theory
MGT525 Principles of Business Ethics
MGT591 Management Information Systems
MGT540 New Product Creation
MGT530 Global Business Environment
SECOND YEAR-First Sememster
MGT607 Marketing Management
MGT608 Marketing Trends and Strategy
MGT628 International Marketing Management
MGT615 International Business to Business Marketing
MGT612 Risk Management
SECOND YEAR-Second Semester
MGT640 Emerging Markets and Development
MGT603a Marketing Practicum (Thesis/Project)
MGT601b Managerial Accounting
MGT603b Managerial Economics