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Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society.

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Master in Business Administration

This program, which cannot be completed in less than two years, requires the study of a minimum of 18 management courses numbered 500 or 600, plus one of the Management Practicum Courses (MGT 600). Courses will be selected depending on the student’s decision to major in Accounting, Management, Marketing, or Project Management. The graduate of this program will be able to:


  • Make effective business decisions.
  • Communicate efficiently.
  • Apply global business knowledge with diverse perspectives.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and leadership.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business operations and product and process technology.
  • Use computer-based information and systems and infrastructures.
  • Practice standards of ethical and professional behavior.