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Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society.

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General Education


General Education coursework, required of all undergraduate students, prepares ISDK graduates to think critically, communicate clearly, and live responsibly in a diverse world. The knowledge and skills students acquire through these courses serve as a foundation for successful careers and lifelong journeys of growing understanding and wisdom. At ISDK we attempt to thoughtfully integrate faith and ethical convictions so that students may apply them in all dimensions of life. Thus, the General Education program emphasizes:

  • Global Awareness and Perspective
  • Effective Communication
  • Language Competency (ISDK graduates should be capable of operating effectively in at least two world languages.)
  • Christian Worldview

 All undergraduate programs must include the following courses (totaling 36 credits. Each course is 3 units):



ANT307:  Introduction to Anthropology                                                     

COM409:  Intercultural Communication                                                        

ENG150:  Writing                                                                                     

ENG301:  Forms of Literature                                                                     

ENV200:  Environmental Sustainability                                                        

HIS201:  History of Africa                                                                          

MAT101: College Algebra                                                                         

PHI425:  Contemporary Social Ethics                                                           

REL101: The Old Testament                                                                     

REL202: The New Testament                                                                   

REL405: The Christian Life                                                                        

STA321: Introduction to Research Statistics