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Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society.

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On August 14, 2015, Institut Supérieur Dale Kietzman will conduct their first graduation ceremony of Bachelors and Masters' (MBA) of the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 promotions at the banquet hall of the Hôtel Valée des Princes in Douala, Cameroon.

The Institut Supérieur Dale Kietzman (ISDK) operates in cooperation with the Dale Kietzman Academy (DKA) in the United States, to deliver high-quality educational programs which include focus on two key elements of leadership: self-awareness and collaboration.   They train people to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and then to work with others in to bring about increased productivity, quality and efficiency.

The ISDK offers Bachelors and Masters (MBA) in the following programs

  1. §  International Development
  2. §  Accounting
  3. §  Accounting and Finance
  4. §  Banking and Finance
  5. §  Human Resource Management
  6. §  Transport and Logistics
  7. §  Computers and Networks
  8. §  Marketing
  9. §  Entrepreneurship
  10. §  Project management
  11. §  Business Management
  12. §  Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy
  13. §  Theology

ISDK is also authorized by the educational authorities of Cameron and of the United States to offer PhDs in:

§  International Development

§  Divinity

The graduation ceremony will be chaired by the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo. The Banquet Hall of the Hotel Valée des Princes will be fittingly and elegantly adorned in honor of this significant occasion. Details of the program will be announced soon.

In the meantime, students, graduates, and staff of ISDK are preparing to commemorate and celebrate the successful culmination of years of effort and hard work at a momentous and joyful ceremony on August 14.


Mission Statement

Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman seeks to be a global center for Christian thought, an influential evangelical voice that addresses crucial cultural issues, and to spark an intellectual and spiritual renewal that advances the Kingdom of Christ.


Institut Supérieur Dale Kietzman is authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon, Central Africa, to award degrees.

Our Purpose

Institut Superieur Dale Kietzman is committed to helping students to progress to a top position in their chosen profession through world-class training, while learning to confront their challenges and opportunities with a Christian worldview.